DKash Construction LLC

8253 Memphis Avenue #4, Brooklyn
Phone: +1 216-773-0128

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Jan 08, 2018

Sean Sullivan

I would definitely recommend David from DKash Construction LLC for all of your masonry needs, big or small! I only had a small porch repair that needed to be done; and even though David was in the middle of a large gas station reconstruction, he still treated me with respect and made me feel like my job was important. He was always professional, and punctual. The worker on his crew treated me and the job the same way, as if it were his own. I have recommended them to a few of my friends already and know that they did a great job on a recent chimney repair. Give them a call, and there's no doubt that you will receive great service at a competitive price.

Jul 31, 2019

Chris Crowder

I wish I had the same experience as others posted here. I, too, had a small job, but my "professional" experience was quite different. It took 6 weeks to get scheduled, which was fine with me, I was in no hurry, and I know if a contractor is that busy, he is a good one, right? I asked for a firm date to start, because I want to make sure someone would be at the property, couldn't get more than maybe Wed, probably Thur. at the worst case scenario maybe Friday. Then he shows up around noon-ish, Thurs has to come back a second day Fri when no one will be home, that was all fine with me, still feeling good about the effort. "Finishes" up second day, soldier rows are crooked, mortar all over the place, just sloppy. Still not mad. Said he was going to "fix everything" and I would be happy. Skepticism is setting in at this point. He comes back and acid washes the steps, cleans it up some, still have crooked soldier rows, now have dead grass and dead bulbs in my perennial bed, I can replant, no big deal. Texted him some pictures of the things I wanted fixed, gives me some line about his workmanship and reliability blah blah blah. Then he comes back yet again, unannounced, no one is home, climbs my 6' privacy gate to get his wheelbarrow and mortar that he left in my back yard, damaging the gate in the process, leaves and never calls me ...not one single text msg heads up. Haven't heard from him since. But he was paid cash IN ADVANCE of completing the work. My bad. Told him to stay off my property. I'm done. It looks a lot better than it did before given the porch was build in the 40's but still not what I expected.

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